Cycle 8: September 7 to October 10, 2020

Week 1 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner

Message of the Week - Good Attitude

Success in life is determined by attitude more than anything else! In fact, nothing is more important than attitude. During this cycle we will be discussing how to develop the basic attitude for a great life. Consider the following connection between attitude and results:

Poor Attitude = Poor Results
Good Attitude = Good Results
Great Attitude = Great Results

What does it mean to have a good attitude? Simply put a good attitude means to obey cheerfully and be polite. Why is a good attitude important? When we have a good attitude we will be more successful, have more friends, and our parents will be proud of us. One example of having a good attitude would be answering your mom in this way when she asks you to do something, “Yes mom, I’ll be glad to”. Practice using this response no matter what the request might be, homework, test, project, etc.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be repeating a success phrase. The goal is to recall the phrase when you need strength and direction when at home or at school. The success phrase for the next four weeks is: "My Attitude Determines My Altitude." This means that our attitude determines how far and how high we will go.

Junior - Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - COMMITMENT

Consider the following story. There once was a little island country. It was a happy little country that enjoyed a quiet lifestyle. There was another country across the water and they had a reputation of being fierce warriors. One day a fisherman came hurrying to his home on the island. He ran to the king of the little Island country and told them that the warriors from the other land were coming to attack. The fisherman advised that everyone get in their boats and save themselves and their family. The king ordered all the boats into the harbor and tied them together. Then, as the invading army approached he set all the boats of the little island country on fire. The people were shocked that the king had ruined their only way to escape.

Consider the following questions:
• Why do you think the king burned their own boats?
• Without any way of escape – how do you think the islanders fought to defend their little island home?
• Why?


Message of the Week - PERSEVERANCE

The Principles of Black Belt that we recite each class are Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Courage, and Indomitable Spirit. Every one of these is a cornerstone of Black Belt Excellence. Let’s take a closer look at Perseverance. It means to not give up on something, regardless of how difficult things become. Everyone has shown perseverance in their life. Things we take for granted like reading, tying our shoes, riding a bike and even the simple art of walking, were things at one time we did not know how to do. The attribute that helped develop these skills and that will help to develop other skills in the future is PERSEVERANCE. Practicing determination, endurance, and believing in ourselves can help us master Perseverance in our lives.