Cycle 10: November 18 to December 22, 2019

Week 1 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner

Message of the Week - Good Attitude

Success in life is determined by attitude more than anything else! In fact, nothing is more important than attitude. During this cycle we will be discussing how to develop the basic attitude for a great life. Consider the following connection between attitude and results:

Poor Attitude = Poor Results
Good Attitude = Good Results
Great Attitude = Great Results

What does it mean to have a good attitude? Simply put a good attitude means to obey cheerfully and be polite. Why is a good attitude important? When we have a good attitude we will be more successful, have more friends, and our parents will be proud of us. One example of having a good attitude would be answering your mom in this way when she asks you to do something, “Yes mom, I’ll be glad to”. Practice using this response no matter what the request might be, homework, test, project, etc.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be repeating a success phrase. The goal is to recall the phrase when you need strength and direction when at home or at school. The success phrase for the next four weeks is: "My Attitude Determines My Altitude." This means that our attitude determines how far and how high we will go.

Junior - Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - GIVING

A wise man once said, “Give without remembering – Receive without forgetting.” A gift with conditions – with strings attached, is not really a gift.

Consider the following story. Suzie spent a lot of time making a toy figure out of clay for her friend Tommy. As she was making it she imagined how good it would look on his desk. When she gave it to Tommy he said thank you and immediately took it out to his favorite play area and played with it in the dirt along with his favorite trucks and army men. Tommy really liked his new figure so he placed it on top of a mound of dirt – because he imagined it to be in command - above all the other army men and trucks.

Now Suzie was excited, anticipating seeing it on Tommy’s desk – and was horrified to see it in the dirt! She could hardly hold back her tears of disappointment. When Suzie told her mother about the awful thing that Tommy did. Suzie’s mom explained that the joy of giving is really in selecting and/or making the gift – and finally in the act of giving the gift. A true gift, once it has been given and received has no further obligation, and that Tommy was free to do with the gift as he chose. If there are any obligations or “strings” attached to the gift – then it wasn’t really a gift.

Later that day Tommy, once again, thanked Suzie for the figure and explained to her that it was the “General” and in command! Suzie remembered what her mom had said; she remembered how much fun she had making the gift and while it wasn’t being used like she had hoped, she was glad that Tommy liked it.



If you were to ask every Black Belt that you know, “What does it mean to be a Black Belt?” each person would give you a different answer. If you asked enough people, however, you would start to see a pattern of beliefs about what it means to be a Black Belt.

This week we are going to discuss the Black Belt concept of “Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard”. Holding yourself to a higher standard puts you on a course toward a better life. With a higher standard for yourself, you eat right, exercise right, maintain high integrity, and always take the right path. It’s always doing what you know you should do, and it’s not always easy.

But holding yourself to a higher standard has huge rewards. You know in your heart that you live your life the right way. You don’t need approval from others because you already approve of yourself. Others trust and respect you and when it comes time for recreation, you have a clear conscience and a lot of energy to get out and play! It is best to apply this concept in one area of your life at a time. This way you are more likely to succeed.

Consider what some other payoffs might be for holding yourself to a higher standard.