Cycle 3: March 16 to April 19, 2020

Week 3 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner

Message of the Week - GOOD MANNERS: Showing Respect

This week we are going to discuss what it means to show respect. Once there was a famous Martial Arts Grandmaster who noticed that one of his Black Belt students wasn’t showing respect to his teachers or classmates. So he asked the student why he wasn’t showing respect. The student said, “But I do have a lot of respect for my teachers and fellow students, only it’s on the inside of me, therefore I shouldn’t have to show it on the outside.” Then the Grandmaster told the student to close his eyes and hold his arms out to the side, and he replaced the student’s Black Belt with a white belt - and told him to open his eyes. When the student looked down to the white belt on his waist he was shocked and almost started to cry. Then he said, “Grandmaster, I have worked so hard for the Black Belt and now you put a white belt on me - why?” The Grandmaster asked the student, “Are you still a Black Belt on the inside?” The student said, “Yes.” Then the Grandmaster said, “Then it shouldn’t matter what is on the outside” and walked away.

In Martial Arts, we believe that it is not enough to have respect for people, we need to SHOW respect. Showing respect to people is a way of demonstrating good manners. Respecting our self is also important. Next, we should show respect to our parents by obeying cheerfully. This means do what they ask you to do with a smile on your face right away. This isn't always an easy task, but we should try to do it anyway.

Here are some examples of showing respect to parents:
1. When asked by your mother to do a chore, respond, “Yes Mom, I’ll be glad to.” Then do it!
2. If your Dad asks you to help with the lawn, respond, “Why certainly Dad, I’ll get right on it.” Then do it!

Some other people we should show respect to are, Teachers, Grandparents, Friends, Sisters, and Brothers. The ending to the story is the Grandmaster gave the student his Black Belt back after class. This week let's show respect by obeying cheerfully and demonstrating good manners.

Junior - Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - RESPONSIBILITY

Being responsible is a sign of self-discipline. Responsibility is also a sign of maturity. If you want more privileges from your parents, your teachers or your future employers, you must first prove to them that you are responsible. Remember responsibility is one of the cornerstones of success.

Consider the following story, once there were two boys named Jerry and Bart who were in the same class together. Their teacher always wrote the homework assignments on the board. Jerry knew that getting his homework assignments written down was the responsible thing to do. By writing it down he didn’t forget to do something, because completing his homework was so important to him. Now both of these boys really liked recess also, in fact, they thought it was the best part of school. Every day, just before the first recess, Jerry would always take the time to copy the homework assignments from the board into his binder. Bart knew that he should do the same thing, but he liked to be the first in line for recess.

• What do you think Jerry would do if the bell rang before he had completely written down his assignments?
• What do you think Bart would do when the bell rang before he had completely written down his assignments?
• Which boy showed more responsibility?
• Which boy most likely got better grades?
• Which one of these children showed more maturity?

If you were a boss of a large company and needed to hire someone, which boy would you want working for you?



This week we are going to talk about the importance of being able to make adjustments if things aren’t going right. What that means is sometimes you have to change your plan to become successful at something. And sometimes, the only way to realize this is for your initial plan to fail. At this point, you have three options:

• You can give up, which is definitely not in the spirit of perseverance
• You can try the exact same thing again, which is fine maybe one more time, but if you keep trying the same thing over and over, you risk becoming a model of Einstein’s definition of insanity
• You can make an adjustment and then try again

There’s a lot of truth in this little saying: “There is always a way when you know there is always a way.” When you truly believe that you’ll be able to accomplish something, even if you may have to try a few different ways, you
will be able to come up with a plan B, and if you need it, a plan C, and even plans D, E, and F, if that’s what it takes…

I’m sure you had a time when you tried to accomplish something and it didn’t work out so you tried a different way and it worked. Accordingly, sometimes when teaching a move in martial arts, it needs to be demonstrated in different ways so that everyone in the class understands it. This is just one way of using a back-up plan. It’s hard to charge forward when you’ve been derailed. Think about what are some ways to genuinely turn failures and rejections into steps toward succeeding. A strong commitment to achieving your goal is the first step. Then, expecting adversity along the way will eliminate the element of surprise when setbacks do occur. Tell yourself in advance that when you encounter challenges along the way, they will be a valuable lesson that will help you be smarter and stronger as you proceed to the inevitable achievement of your goal.