Cycle 2: February 8 to February 14, 2021

Week 4 Messages of the Week

Junior - Beginner

Message of the Week - Good Attitude: Being a "Good Finder"

What does it mean to have a good attitude? Simply put a good attitude means to obey cheerfully and be polite. Why is a good attitude important? When we have a good attitude we will be more successful, have more friends, and our parents will be proud of us. This week we are going to talk about being a good finder. You’ll find either good or bad in everyone – it just depends what you are looking for.

Practice this simple exercise at home: Quickly look around your room. Find and memorize everything that is Red. Now close your eyes tightly. Keeping your eyes closed, try to recall everything you saw that was blue. When you're finished open your eyes. Consider why was easier to remember the red items in the room even though both colors were present.

Using this example illustrates that our mind works hard at what we tell it to do. We can tell it to look for the bad or the good in people – it depends on what we want to see. Being a good finder means that you have to look for the good in all the people in your life and in all situations. Sometimes this is not easy. It’s hard to look for the good in someone you don’t like or someone that is different or mean to you. If you do it, however, you will find a friend in just about everyone. It’s hard to see the good in a situation when something bad happens. If you look for the good, however, you will learn to be solution-oriented. That means you will become a more optimistic person.

Here are some practical exercises. Try finding the good in every negative statement or thought by asking, “What’s good about this?" or “How can I benefit from this?”
Example #1 - “School is hard and I always have a lot of homework.”
Possible Response - “Boy, you sure are going to get smart.”

Example #2 - “I broke my right arm and now I can’t dribble my basketball.”
Possible Response - “Now is a great time to learn to dribble with your left hand.”

For the next week, every morning when you wake up, challenge yourself to think of five things that you are proud of, happy about, or excited for, and practice finding the good in every person and in every situation you're faced with.

Junior - Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt

Message of the Week - INTENSITY

Intensity takes what is normal and sharpens it with focus, hardens it with desire, and delivers it with drive. For example, take normal sun light and intensify it by using a magnifying glass and one can create fire.

Consider the following story. Once there was a karate student. One day he listened to his martial arts instructor talk about the importance of intensity in daily life. He noticed that if he improved the intensity of small things like his KIAI (karate yell), the power of his punches and kicks improved. He then wondered if the same thing would work at school. What would happen if he listened to his teacher with a little more intensity, or paid a little more attention to the blackboard? Would that have the same effect on his schoolwork as increasing the intensity of his KIAI did in karate class? Pretty soon he noticed that his homework seemed to be getting easier and he started scoring higher on his tests.

He learned that the quality of his life, like his martial arts classes, improved with the amount of intensity he gave. The more he focused on the benefits, the more he increased his desire and improved his drive. Pretty soon he became almost unstoppable in the pursuit of his goals.

• What areas in your life can you increase your intensity?
• How would increasing your intensity benefit you?
• Would it benefit others around you?


Message of the Week - THE TWELVE DON’TS OF A BLACK BELT LEADER – Part 4

This week we are going to discuss two more “Don’ts” of Black Belt Leaders. The first is Don’t Be Condescending. A condescending person speaks down to those around them. Similar to humiliation, this is another obvious sign of weak leadership. The only function it serves is to alienate those around you. Sometimes people feel that they’ve been treated in a condescending manner even though this was not the intent of the leader. To avoid this, watch your tonality and try to keep yourself from appearing “Better Than Others”.

Secondly, Don’t Hold A Grudge. When you hold a grudge toward others, you give them power over you. You are still letting them control you emotionally. There’s an old saying that goes, “small minds hold grudges, big minds forgive and move on”. Holding a grudge almost never has any effect on the other person, but it can keep you in an unproductive and negative state of mind and have a detrimental effect on the people around you. A good alternative to holding a grudge is forgiveness. Forgiveness can be highly empowering, even if it’s hard. Forgiving someone, even if you don’t express it to them directly, releases your mind from its “resentment dungeon” and gets you back on a more productive track.