Make It Count This School Year


Over the next five weeks we will discuss applying skills to help students reach the goal of having the "Best School Year Ever”.  Doing homework regularly is an important part of having a successful school year.  Taking time now, at the beginning of the year, as a family to discuss good homework habits can help students reach that goal and set them up for success. Click here to view our Back-To-School Success Tips for Parents.

It’s important to know that every child is not the same when it comes to doing homework and no one planwill work for all students:

When does your child do their homework?

  • Some kids can do homework as soon as they get home from school.
  • Some kids might need a snack first and then do homework.
  • Some kids need to recharge their batteries after school, taking 30 minutes of free time before doing homework.
  • Not every kid can stay focused for the same period of time. While some may be able to sit down and finish their homework others will need breaks. Working for 30 minutes on homework, taking a 10 minute break, then working for another 30 minutes might be the solution.

Where does your child do their homework?

  • Having a specific place to do homework helps to establish a routine? 
  • Having as few distractions as possible helps us to focus. This might mean keeping the TV off or working in a quiet part of the house.
    Deciding as a family which homework habits will help your student reach their goals is a valuable step. Additionally, to help your child develop good homework habits, for the next 5 weeks Kovar’s will be offering an incentive to students who complete a week’s worth of homework and turn it in on time: a Purple Homework Star for their uniform!

Kyoshi Dave Kovar | Sept 6, 2017

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